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Child Locators: Instructions

"Mommy I'm Here" Child TrackerCL-103

  1. Switch the teddy bear (the receiver) to the "ON" position and also press the "ON" button on your keyring remote (the transmitter) firmly to arm the units. You will hear a series of faint chirps, signalling that the system is ready to use and the two devices are paired.

    This is actually a unique operation, as the Mommy I'm Here technology will choose a new channel from an approximate 1500 possible channels each time, thus greatly reducing the chance of interference from other users.
  2. Attach the teddy bear shaped receiver to your child's shoe, belt, jewellery or other piece of clothing or find an alternate sturdy mounting location, such as suspenders.
  3. Whenever you see that your child has wandered out of sight, simply press the button on your handy keyring remote and it will automatically set off an audible, 86 decibel alarm from the teddy bear receiver, allowing you to locate your child from approximately 150 feet/50 metres away! (Range is subject to battery strength and geographic location).

"Mommy I'm Here" Child TrackerCL-305 with Auto Alert feature

  1. As Model CL-103
  2. ALERT feature. Whenever your child decides to wander to far from you (up to approximately 30 feet/10 metres), your keyring transmitter will automatically emit a series of chirps to alert you. (Simply press the button on your keyring transmitter to set off the alarm on your child's teddy bear receiver). As a bonus safety feature, your keyring transmitter will continue to chirp until you are within close distance of your child, at which time the units will reset and sync back up and be ready to go again!